Nick Mezas Yacht Design, a young yacht design company with a mature passion.

Already since I was very young, I’ve had a passion for superyachts. People close to me remember that I, as a child, drew on paper – and on walls – the lines of the superyachts I dreamt about, all the while knowing that I would later become a yacht designer.

Now, after years of closely following the evolution in yacht design and having acquired a degree in naval architecture, things have only changed for the better. I still aim for those unique and timeless lines, but now in a perfect marriage with functionality and practicality. And what I consider a major advantage is that I have now acquired the skills to not only give expression to my own dreams, but to also help others realize theirs. To that end I, together with my team, gladly accept all the input a client wishes to provide, knowing that said participation will almost guarantee that the final design at hand will be unique in more ways than one.

We, at Nick Mezas Yacht Design, therefore cordially invite you to come and share a passion.

ShowBoats finalist

We are furthermore proud to announce that Nick Mezas was awarded Second Place and received the Judges’ Commendation for his project ‘R&R’ in the finals of the ‘Young Designer of the Year award’ competition.