Step 1

Step 1

Here at Nick Mezas Yacht Design, each design project is unique as each client has his own vision of his future yacht. Therefore we start each project by carefully listening to the client’s wishes and translating his ideas into loose exterior sketches.

Step 2

When the future owner has chosen his favorite concept we work out the plans for the yacht’s interior- and exterior layouts otherwise known as the general arrangement. It is during this stage that we search for that perfect marriage between design, functionality and practicality.

Step 3

Our next step is to build a 3D ‘computer generated’ model of the design. For us this is an exciting stage in the design process as the design comes to life in a virtual manner. This model provides the shipyard with precise information for the development and construction process. We also use the model to create realistic and detailed images of what the yacht will look like once it’s built.

Step 4

Our final step in the design project is to provide the yard and subcontractors with further information and support during the build process. To that end we encourage monthly meetings and regular communication via phone or email with all parties involved.